Things That Are Slowly Dying Out


If you stop to think, you’d realize that there are a few things that have either completely died out from lack of practice, or are on the verge of doing so. Some of them we are thankful they actually are, the others, not so much. I was having a conversation with a friend the other day, and we concluded that some of those practices are actually going extinct because of two things: technology and millennials.

With the advent of technology, a lot of things just became redundant, because there came into existence, simpler, faster and more efficient ways to achieve the same results. Below are some of these dying out practices.

Reading Newspapers


I have no idea why this was the first to come to mind. Maybe because just recently, I needed old newspapers to wrap a fragile item in, but realized that I’d never seen a newspaper in this house ever. The last place I remember seeing a newspaper was at my parents. My dad is the only person I know that still keeps his news source old fashioned from time to time.

Fashion Magazines


Be honest, when was the last time you purchased or even saw a hard copy of Vogue or GQ? Instagram and Pinterest have taken over and magazines are finding more ways to move with the times and cash out on the e-market. This is makes me sad, cause there’s just something about the feel of the glossy pages on your finger tips.

Handwritten Letters


As soon as texting became a thing, this completely went out the window. There are no more than a handful of people who still subscribe to this artistic means of communication (I’m one of them). There is just something about a carefully handwritten and mailed letter that says “personal”. The gesture still remains grand and unrivaled. Truly, only the real elites have refused to let go of this practice, and I appreciate them for it.

Stick Shift Cars


I know someone who rejected an official vehicle because it was a stick shift. Apparently, she, like a lot of young people, never learned to drive anything other than an automatic car. The truth is, driving a car with a manual gear can be a chore when contrasted with their easy automatic gear counterpart. No one likes stress.

On the flip side, if you are into vintage cars or hardcore “Fast and Furious” type driving, you’d need to drive a stick shift once in a while, so as not to lose the skill of driving one.

Buying and Burning CDs

Ok this one got me all nostalgic. Remember when you could say it all with a CD playlist? When your crush would make you a special CD and you’d cherish it forever? When you couldn’t wait for that artist’s new album to drop so you could go grab the CD? Sigh, good old days.

Owning Radios, CD, VCD or DVD Players


Once again, before the internet became as versatile, our home entertainment was with, well, a home entertainment proudly laid out on the console. There was something about having to drive down to the video store and pick up a dvd of the new movie for movie night with the family. Now everything is streamed or downloaded online. Even cable is going extinct as online tv is slowly but surely taking over.

Printing Photos

Asides official passports for official documents or forms and school photos of your kids, when was the last time you had a photograph of yourself (or anyone else) printed? These days, couples barely even get their wedding photos printed, that’s how serious this has gotten. Everyone has gone soft copy, and the benefits and longevity are outweighing the cons.

Hardcopy books


images-104It’s the age of digitalized everything! No one (except people like me) spends money buying actual books that will eventually age anymore. This one also gets to me, cause there’s nothing to compare with the whiff of good old books, and the feel of turning pages. But these days, you don’t even have to “read” books to have read them. You can just listen to the audio versions and viola!


Yes. Manners. They’ve been tossed right out the window. Courtesy has long been buried too. Unfortunately, there hasn’t been any positive replacement for them. Just a competition for who can be the most mannerless and least courteous. We have to unearth good manners and resuscitate courtesy. We cannot live like this.

Are there any other practices you see slowly vanishing? Let us know down below. Thanks for reading.

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