The Value Of Time

The Value of Time


Time is a beautiful thing

It encapsulates cherished moments

Time is also a callous thing

It snatches them away in the blink of an eye

Time is a priceless thing

It is more precious than gold

Time is also a wasted thing

It is whiled away

Time heals

Time changes

Time flies

Time crawls

Time turns fresh wounds

Into old scars

Slowly but surely

It takes away the pain

Time brings growth

As well as evolution

Nothing stays the same

They either change with time,

Or become extinct.

Time never gets a speeding ticket

For how fast, to infinity it flies

Especially when it knows

That you need it to go

Just a little slower

Time can be a little wench too

And crawl slower than a snail

Especially when it knows

That you need it to go

Just a little faster

Time is money

Time is sacred

Time is a teacher

Time is life

Time is a friend of no man

Time waits for no one

Time has no mercy

Time never plays fair

How then ought we

To deal with Time?

Ought we to love Time?

Ought we to hate Time?

Neither, I say

We ought to value Time

We ought to use Time

We ought to save Time

Also, I say

We oughtn’t waste our Time

We oughtn’t waste other’s Time

We oughtn’t procrastinate time and time again.

Finally, I say

To be given a person’s Time

Is a great honor that ought to be cherished

But to give your Time

Is the greatest privilege of all

For to give, is better than to receive

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