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We can all agree on one thing, growing up is a scam. A huge scam. No one and nothing adequately prepares you for it. It is a vortex into which you’re involuntarily pulled, then all of a sudden, without warning you find yourself being sucked in deeper and deeper.

I know, I know, I’m being overly dramatic, but that is how it honestly feels. It gets overwhelming a lot of the time and it just feels like you cannot be saved from the pile of bills, work tasks, responsibilities and obligations that you’re drowning under. Well, I’ve got good news and bad news. The bad news is, it doesn’t get easier (sorry to shatter your hopes), you only learn how to manage it better. The good news is, I can give you a few tips that could make help you escape briefly and as often as you want.

Keep Yourself Alive

Don’t get a heart attack, you’re not about to get attacked by a giant alien wearing a name tag with the inscription “Adulting” on it. Adulting doesn’t physically kill (at least not always). It can, however, kill a few of the none physical things that make up who you are. Yes. Things like your interests, your dreams, your ambitions, your hobbies, etc. It’s easy to lose these things, because something about adulting makes them seem less and less important and alive to you. Till one day, you wake up buried deep in regret, and realize you’ve lost yourself. That those things that you gave up and let adulting kill because they didn’t seem important anymore, actually mattered a whole great deal.

To keep yourself alive, you need to pay attention to those apparently little things. Never give up on them. You don’t have to pursue them immediately, but keep them safe and alive somewhere deep inside you and visit them often.

For instance, if you have the dream of being a movie producer, a good way to keep this alive, even though you’re currently on a nine to five job, is to take short online courses on movie production, and maybe spend weekends criticizing movie productions over drinks.

Revisit Your Childhood Often

Now this works best when it is done literally, and not mentally nor metaphorically. It doesn’t only involve traveling often to places you spent the most of your childhood. That cannot be done often, especially if doing so is expensive and time consuming. There are other little ways. One of the most effective is doing something you did often as a child (e.g eating fruity loops for breakfast or watching cartoons on Saturday mornings). Reliving those things regularly help remind you of when life was simple and beautiful.

Reconnect With Your Inner Child
This is simply to participate consciously in activities that bring out your inner child. Things like paint balling, water gun fights, hula hooping, rollercoaster rides, going to amusement parks, etc. These activities cause the secretion of happy hormones likeendorphins, dopamineand serotinin. They give you a rush that only a few other things would, but most importantly, it keeps your mind refreshed.

Spend Time With Children
We often neglect this, and a lot of us who don’t get to do this often do not know the joy of spending time with children. Spending time with children and seeing how happy and unfettered they are rubs off on us. Their happiness and lack of bone-breaking responsibilities is refreshing. You can also tap into their simplicity and innocence. Most of our stress as adults come from all the complications we create for ourselves and our inability to be sincere especially in our thoughts and actions. We should learn to emulate them in this regard.

Disconnect Your Connection
Have some days when you take a break off the internet and your phone in general. You can spend these days doing things that make you happy, or even spend them reflecting. It is also good practice to have moments in the day when you switch off from everything(your phone inclusive) and meditate. You can do this early in the mornings, or at night before you go to bed. This helps you clear your mind from things momentarily. It also increases your productivity, mental capacity and reasoning abilities. Finally it helps keep you mentally and emotionally healthy.




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