Ode To My Social Life


My Social Life,

Birthed on the center stage

Of school play grounds and after-school clubs

Like me hit puberty

At the peak of high school dances,

Variety shows and parties.

My Social Life,

Brought me peers

Of good fortune and bad fortune

Like most births

Was a blessing at the time,

Of friends and foes.

My Social Life,

Brought to me with it

Invitations, awards and popularity

Like most good things do

It brought with it also,

Jealousy, envy and hatred.

My Social Life,

Barely made it past puberty

Just when freedom was to be expanded,

Like a youth in his prime,

Died at it’s peak,

A sudden, unforeseen, painless death.

My Social Life,

But who could be so cold-hearted

As to snuff the life out of it

Like a candle being snuffed out

In the dark,

Plunging the surroundings into pitch darkness.

My Social Life,

By my own hands, was sent to its demise

For fear that it may grow wings,

Like a bird, had its wings clipped

Was left in a cage

To eventually die of neglect.

My Social Life,

Bereaved, and full of regret I mourn

When I needed it the most, and so

Like a child weaned off breast milk early

I approached adulthood,

Without my Social Life.

My Social Life,

Before long I was to find,

Can neither be replaced nor replicated.

Like every other aspect of life,

My Social Life

Is needed to create a perfect balance.

My Social Life,

By all means needed to be resurrected

Ablaze I set all my previous fears.

Like a Phoenix, from the ashes

My Social Life is reborn

And this time, I’d let it die a natural death.

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