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My second biggest challenge in this life is traveling light (the first being peeling fruits). I have never traveled light in my entire life. I’m always that one person that goes on a two weeks’ vacation with three large suitcases and three carry-on luggages. As a kid and teenager, for sleepovers, I used to take with me my own pillow and blanket, my teddybear, my bathrobe, towel, pjs and fluffy slippers, then spares of everything because I’m a paranoid person with a bit of an OCD. I like to prepare for the worst possible situations, which most of the time are so far fetched that its actually silly. It is so bad that when I go on trips with my sisters or friends, they don’t bother bringing much because they know I’d have spares of everything so they can borrow.

After my last trip, I resolved to work on this weakness. My resolution wasn’t only inspired by the hot tears that stung my eyes when I saw how much I had to pay for my excess luggage. It was mostly triggered by the envy that formed in my soul as prissy young lady wheezed past me with the tiniest wheeled suitcase in the world, as I unsuccessfully tried to persuade forward to the terminal my three carry-on luggages that were threatening to burst open at the nearest given opportunity. The resolution was final. I had to learn to travel light.

It’s been three days since that incident, and I have begun my research. So far, these are tips I have found helpful.


Create a checklist:

Having a checklist of items to pack makes it easier to narrow down what exactly you would need. You can do this in three steps. The first step is to draft the list, the second step involves an elimination of unnecessary items, and the third step is the making of the final draft.


Pack deliberately:

Don’t just shove things into your suitcase. Get all the necessary details about all the activities you have planned for your trip, then pack accordingly. There’s no point packing for a hike if you’ll be at the beach the entire trip, or packing your bathing suit for a ski trip.

Be Minimal:

This is my major issue. I am no minimalist. I am the opposite of a minimalist. I am very extra. So for all you very extra divas out there, this is not as scary as it sounds. It doesn’t mean you have to travel with just one outfit and a change of underwear for an entire weeks’ trip. You can find a more suitable way to be minimal. Eg, traveling with just two pairs of denim pants even though you have about five outfits centering on denim pants. Or, for a week-long work conference, taking just a black and a blue suit, then different shirts and socks.


The way you organize your things in your suitcase can make a world of difference as to how heavy or light your luggage turns out. Organization and order while packing is a whole other topic on its own. Some good tips on this are, learning to fold clothing properly and place them in the suitcase, and ensuring to take the travel size bottles of your beauty products instead of the normal bottles.

Think Light:

Convince yourself that you really can’t afford the inconvenience that packing a lot of stuff brings with it. Picture those models posing as business travelers in the pages of magazines, and how happy and chiqthey look. Or those bloggers who strike a pose in airport terminals, with their canon cameras hanging on their neck, carrying just a tiny suitcase, and a cute knapsack. If they seem to be able to do it, so can you!

Re Pack:

Yep! After you’re done packing, and your suitcase still overflows, take out a couple of things that you may not have a need for or that you can do without. This will lighten your load considerably.7ded82d5db67f7d6f9df16df2dc87238

The Incentive:

If you are a collector like me, then you probably need this incentive: traveling with an almost empty suitcase, means coming back with a suitcase filled with retail goodness. Works like a charm. I find that my major challenge with traveling is that my luggage doubles during my return, so this helps solve that.


I hope you find this helpful for your trips this summer. Someday, I shall get so good at traveling light that I just might attempt to travel in heels. Someday….


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