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T’is summer! T’is the season to lounge in the sun on foreign soil and show off your hard earned summer body. If you’re a millennial or if you’re big on vacations then I take it that you are already ready with your summer bod and passport!

We are all well familiar with the drill: working hard to get in shape from New Year’s to Easter, taking a little cheat break for Easter, then amping up the dial by several notches between Easter and the first week of May. Sometimes, however, that feeling of satisfaction we get from seeing all our hard work pay off when we try on those denim pants that were two sizes too small and they fit perfectly, slowly begins to ebb away just three weeks of late meals and whole pizzas into summer. Our perfectly chiseled and individualized abs begin to come together as a unit to form a larger mound. If you are like me and pack on the pounds by breathing around food, then this is probably your predicament. It may seem like all hope of preserving your summer body is lost, but I’m here to assure you that it’s not.

There are a few things you can do to maintain and preserve your summer body to outlast the entire summer season.

1. Staying Active


f4aaa371c0ad2508d9d4786ac2f77e13This is easier than it seems. It just involves deliberately scheduling a brief work out into your daily schedule and a deliberate effort to stay active. The former is more psychologically helpful than it is physically. It conditions your mind to stay in “fitfam mode” throughout the duration of your vacation. In order to do this, you have to be practical about it. First off, you can’t possibly expect yourself to travel with your 10kgs or your treadmill, but you can travel with your running shoes and jump rope. A simple 15minutes work out routine of speed jump rope, sit ups, push ups and squats in the morning is likely to do wonders for you. In the same vein, staying active deliberately includes walking, taking stairs instead of elevators, participating in outdoor activities and most importantly, staying true to the cardio that is shopping!

2. Minding Calories

This is the part that needs more will power. Just like the tip above, in order for it to be effective, you have to be practical about it. You cannot expect yourself to keep up with a “veggies and lean meat” diet the entire summer. The goal isn’t to be on a diet, the goal is to keep your meal options as healthy as possible. For example swapping ice cream for frozen yogurt or for half of the originally intended serving of ice cream, opting for a salad as your late meal option instead of pasta. You get the picture.

3. Resting Adequately

This is the most important of them all. Your body needs adequate rest to function, and burning calories isn’t exempted. Ensure to get enough snooze time to allow your body to catch up on all it’s health functions.

4. Stay Hydrated


I cannot stress this enough. Your body, your skin, your hair, they all benefit from hydration. It’s easy to get caught up with the fizzy drinks and beers, but harder to keep topping up on water. Set reminders on your phone if you must. Do anything it takes to keep your water level balanced at all times. A god way to do this is to drink a glass of water first thing in the morning, last thing before bed and at anytime within the day you need it.

If you’re looking to be extra, there’s a few more tips that aren’t in this article that would be helpful. If not, with these you are good to go.

Let’s keep this summer bod all summer!


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