​Sacrifice 200 days dinner to stop killings by herdsmen —Ukpai


Uyo —FOREMOST evangelist, Rev Uma Ukpai, has said that the only solution to the incessant killing of Christians by herdsmen in some parts of the country was for Christians to sacrifice their dinner for 200 days and pray against the carnage.

Rev Ukpai, founder of Uma Ukpai Evangelistic Association, UUEA, during an interaction with members of Correspondents’ Chapel  in Uyo, yesterday regretted that cows were now valued over the lives of Christians in the country.

He regretted that the  fight against corruption by government remained “all commotion without motion since nobody has been convicted and punished. A man of excuse is a man of failure and as long as the government cannot take care of our challenges then there is no future for the country.

“It is painful that cows are now preferred over human beings in Nigeria. But for Christians, the solution is for all believers to give up their dinner for 200 nights and pray for God to fight for them and it will work,” he said.

“The frequent killing of Christians by people alleged to be herdsmen is like telling us that cows are now more valuable than Christians,” he said.

But I maintain that nobody is supposed to lose his life because of cows.

“It is painful that cows are now preferred over human beings in Nigeria. But for Christian the solution is for all believers in the country to give up their dinner for 200 nights and pray for God to fight for them and it will work.

“Let us ask God to fight for us and He will. And I call on those in authority  to rise up to the challenge and demonstrate sincerity in the fight against frequent attack on Christians by alleged herdsmen in some parts of the country.”

Rev Ukpai said that it was unfair that Christians in the country are treated like minorities and are not given their rightful place of honour and respect despite their numerous contribution to the growth and development of the country.

On the 2019 general election, Ukpai said that Nigerians should not expect anything good from the general election next year, noting that “the incoming leaders will still be corrupt because the entire system is corrupt.

“The solution to a credible leadership is for everyone above the age of 25 to retire from active politics because they all have eaten the poisoned apple and are not fit to rule.

“The ones that are less than 25 are still teachable and may not have been contaminated much by the system. For those ones there should be a school of leadership for them.”

He added, “Splitting Nigeria is not the answer to our problems rather we should confront our challenges. Nigeria can achieve more by being together. The problem is that we don’t just love ourselves. Places like Europe are even talking of integrating and coming together.

“The problem is that Nigerians do not want to pay the price for success. Leaders must be willing to serve selflessly and Nigerians who want that should also be willing to be responsible and pay their tax and leaders without the heart for the people should not be allowed to lead,” he said.

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