​Insecurity: Nigeria now ripe for state police – Zamfara Govt.


Gusau – Nigeria is now ripe for state police, the Governor of Zamfara State, Dr. Abdulaziz Abubakar ,

He spoke in his country home in Talata Mafara, Zamfara State, while addressing journalists on facility visit to the state.

According to him, the nation’s democracy has grown to a level to accommodate state police.

The governor explained that the continued killing of innocent Nigerians by various types of criminal elements made state police most imperative now.

His words, “Democracy is growing day- by -day and if you look at the situation of who controls the police and the problems today these are internal security problems which they should be able to handle.

“But that is not the case either because they are not well-trained, not enough or ill-equipped.

“State governors pay theeir allowances, provide logistics and equip them. It is only arms and ammunition that we don’t provide and yet they don’t take orders from the state chief executives.

“The other time we had intelligence that bandits were camped on a mountain, ready to attack a village.

“It was the state commissioner of police that brought it to me. We agreed to increase the Mobile police in the area.

After some time he came and said that he had orders to withdraw the police because they wanted them elsewhere and I said we should rather increase not withdraw.

I was preparing to travel to Turkey. The moment I travelled, the CP withdrew the police and in less than two days, the criminals attacked the village, killing more than 30 people.

If the police was under my control that CP would have ran away before I returned because I would not have only sacked him, he would have gone to prison

“But what did we see, a few months after, he was posted elsewhere and soon after promoted as Assistant Inspector General of Police”

The governor also gave an inşght into how he dedicates 70 per cent of his budget to capital.

According to him, upon assumption of office, he directed the civil service to prepare a 70/30 budget for capital and recurrent budget, respectively.

The governor said that their initial reaction was that it impossible but that heinsisted.

He said that 65 per cent capital /35 recurrent was brought and he rejected it until he has his way.

Gov. Abubakar advised that a drastic measure must be employed the change the federal government budget structure which is largely spent on recurrent, leaving only between 20- 25 per cent for capital projects.

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