Too Much Sitting May be Bad For Your Brain

Wait what? But most of us have desk jobs!

Sedentary lifestyle which includes sitting in a spot for a long time has been linked to several diseases such as Diabetes and Cardiovascular diseases, but a recent study just added Brain thinning to the list.

The researchers from the University of California, Los Angeles discovered that those who spend most time sitting in the day had thinning of their medial temporal lobe; the part of the brain important for the formation of new memories. And here’s the twist even high levels of physical activity doesn’t seem to make a difference.

This study was conducted on 35 people between ages 45 to 75. They were asked about their physical activity levels and the average number of hours spent sitting over the previous week. Afterwards each person had a high resolution MRI scan, which looked at the medial temporal lobe.

Although this study does not prove that too much sitting causes thinner brain structures, more hours spent sitting are associated with thinner regions, said a researcher.

Therefore reducing sedentary lifestyle could be a mode of preventing diseases such as Alzheimer’s; which is associated with medial temporal lobe thinning.



About The Author

Chinazo Iloeje is a Medical Doctor at Garnetcare Medical Center, Abuja. She hopes that through her writing, new health discoveries and other important health information would be made known to all Africans.

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