OAP Fade Ogunro reveals why she will end up marrying her female best friend


Former Beat 99.9Fm On Air Personality personality Fade Ogunro has revealed she is the kind of person who is likely to marry her best female friend.

She had revealed on her Twitter page how if she couldn’t find a man to marry will just marry her straight female friend and they will both continue to date men.

In her post she named the relationship ‘straightbian’ which she defined as a straight girl who can’t find a man and decides to marry her best straight female friend as they continue to date men.

She continued that she and the best friend will live happily ever after as they b*tch about men and concluded that she is definitely in for that kind of relationship.

She wrote: “Me: What’s a straightbian?

Also Me: A straight girl that can’t find a man so decides to marry her best female straight friend, and they both continue to date men, and b*tch about them happily ever after.

Def Me: I’m in”

Fade Ogunro who hails from Ekiti state is a powerful media personality both radio and television, and was the former executive producer at Beat FM.

Recall Newsmen reported that Fade in 2016 declared she will be leaving BeatFM as a radio presenter as she intended to pursue more on television presentation.

18-year-old teenager studying for Phd makes startling revelation | Faces of Nigeria.

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