Mind blowing health benefits of Onions


Personally i don’t like Onions not just because of the tears it evokes but it’s repelling smell . Much more than a kitchen staple, onion offers a lot of superior health benefits.

Onion helps in cleansing our blood, thereby preventing the chances of developing a number of skin issues. This is because Onions are packed with potent properties that can battle illness and even give you a glowing complexion. They’re a very rich source of sulphur compounds – the reason behind your teary eyes when slicing one – as well as antioxidant flavonoids like quercetin, which helps protect against cell damage.

Raw onion juice can help make your skin healthy and glowing. It can reduce dark spots and pigmentation of your skin as well as treat acne, when its juice is applied using cotton balls on affected areas.

Therefore it’s important to not that being rich in quercetin, one of the most powerful antioxidants, onions can keep your skin wrinkle-free.

Furthermore, the vitamins and sulfur in them protect the skin from harmful free radicals, while keeping it supple and smooth.

Aside these “bad” characteristics, onion can solve your beauty needs for example, slowing down the aging process, detoxifying of the body systems,Improve sexual drive, strengthen the immune system,
Stabilizing blood sugar levels. This is proven through Studies. Studies have shown that consuming onions regularly can also help balance blood sugar levels. Onions are a good source of fiber, potassium, vitamin C and many other micronutrients, compounds which further help to support normal blood sugar levels.

Aside all these benefits Onions helps in preventing cancer, Research has found that organosulfur compounds, found in both onions and garlic, prevent the development of cancers by detoxifying carcinogens and stopping cancer cell growth. High onion intake has been associated with a 56 percent lower risk of colon cancer and a 25 percent lower risk of breast cancer compared to no onion intake.

Onions are truly of high benefits ranging from the external which is the for beauty solutions to the internal which focuses on the internal organs.
With This information, you are encouraged to use them frequently in your meals. They’re one of the most versatile vegetables and can be consumed raw or cooked, imparting a unique flavor to almost any recipe.As well as for your skin.

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