Nigerian lady gifts her man a house as Valentine’s gift


We are still in the month of love, as lovers still snug in late gifts and surprises for their loved ones.

There is something so extra romantic about surprises, especially when a loved one throws in a huge one on you, a Nigerian lady just pulled a huge surprise on her boyfriend.

She went an extra mile to gift her man a house, according to some eye witnesses, the man who have being living in a rented apartment was elevated to a house owner built by his girlfriend.

Her boyfriend overwhelmed with so much excitement, couldn’t contain his joy fainted at the at the sight of his new house.

This is really a huge surprise for the guy, he wasn’t expecting this huge gift.

It seems that ladies are really shooting their shot this year, as they are a lot of surprises this Valentine from women.

There was a previous news ofa 20 year old kenyan model Faridah who bought a Mercedes Benz for her boyfriend on Valentine’s day and also how a lady shot her shot by boldly asking a man on a date on Valentine’s day.

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