Church allegedly refuses to refund tithe payer who mistakenly paid N111k instead of N11k



A Nigerian church member has alleged that his church refused to refund him after he mistakenly paid the wrong amount as tithe

The man claimed that he paid N111,000 instead of N11,000 into the church account
He alleged that the church refused to refund his balance after he informed the church about the error

Daddy Freeze, the controversial On Air Personality (OAP) known for his opinion on tithes and offerings has shared an audio clip alleging that a Nigerian church refused to refund a member who paid the wrong amount as tithe into the church’s account.

The OAP who shared the clip on his Instagram page stated that the church member paid a sum of one hundred and eleven thousand naira into the church’s account instead of eleven thousand naira.

Freeze claimed that the church refused to prefund the member who called their attention to the error asking for a refund of his balance. According to Freeze, the church told the tithe payer that the money was given to God.

He said: “The money loving deity the Pentecostals worship! Kenneth called me this morning rather distraught. He said that he paid 111,000 into his church account instead of 11,000 and the church has refused to refund him the balance saying the money was given to God!.”

In the audio clip, the tithe payer could be heard saying that the money was given to him by someone who asked him to do a job for him.

Freeze has defended his stance against Nigerian pastors claiming that they are defrauding religious Nigerians on countless occasions. Late last year, the controversial media personality addressed the issue of tithe and offerings which he believes is being offered to the wrong people.

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