ALCOHOL: The Dark Side

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Scientists are evolving a gene that would stop us from drinking alcohol; until it is achieved our alcohol intake should be kept in check.
Our day to day stress could be so dreadful that the compulsion to drink in order to de-stress is only fathomable. Forgetting these daily stresses once in a while is not wrong, as it could get you prepared for more to come; but when it becomes a habit, it may result in an ultimate stress that may prove difficult to handle.
Alcohol affects virtually every part of our body and as such may be dangerous to one’s health. It is therefore very important to be aware of these effects which may be short or long term.

The short term effects
Because alcohol is absorbed in the stomach, its consumption could have effects within a short period of time. These include:
.Nausea and Vomiting
.Frequent urination/dehydration
.Confusion/memory loss
.Stomach pains
.Disturbed sleep
.Weight gain and skin conditions
.Accidents and Injuries

The long term effects
Regular drinking of alcohol above the required amount may cause irreversible havoc on one’s health in the long term. These include:
.Liver disease
.Heart disease
.Brain damage
.Kidney disease
.Mental problems
.Stomach Ulcers

Know your limit
According to the UK Chief Medical Officers’ alcohol guidelines, it is safest not to drink more than 14units of alcohol per week and if you regularly drink 14units a week, it’s advisable to spread it out evenly over 3 or more days. If you have one or two heavy drinking episodes in a week, you increase your risk of death from long term illness or accidents. The unit calculation depends on the type of alcohol consumed. That means in a week you should not drink more than;
. 6 glasses of 13% alcoholic red wine (where a glass is 175ml) or
. 6 pints of 4% beer/ale/lager (where a pint is 568ml) or
. 5 pints of 4.5% cider (where a pint is 568ml) or
. 14 shots of 40% spirits (where a shot is 25ml)

Limiting your drinking could improve your well-being and outlook towards life, and since you now know it’s adverse effects, it’s very important to also know your limit.

About The Author

Chinazo Iloeje is a Medical Doctor at Garnetcare Medical Center, Abuja. She hopes that through her writing, new health discoveries and other important health information would be made known to all Africans.

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