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Does anyone remember their high school days? The slum book was one of the most famous things a girl had during those days. Well I didn’t, but I sure filled out one with my best friend. One of the questions that were asked was if we had a boyfriend for which we replied, “Yet to have”. Just a simple answer to a simple question, or was it? Mind you, we just started high school and this was an all-girls school, where having a boyfriend basically made you a slut. A group of girls in my class threatened to tell on us and made fun of us while we cried. Those were the most excruciating 365 days of my life, I even considered changing school. I let it get to me then because I was so scared of my Dad and what he might have done if he found out (stories of a staunch catholic girl). Despite the fact I stood up for myself and ended it, it really affected my grades, self-esteem and social skills.

Almost everyone has being bullied at least once in their lifetime; whether it’s at school, in the work place or even at home. An Annual Bullying Survey done in the UK showed that 1 in 2 people have been bullied at some point. Although this survey was done in the UK, it’s also applicable in our country, yet we tend to overlook it. Being bullied is an utterly horrible situation for someone to go through irrespective of age, rank or popularity and as you all know, even Trump isn’t spared.

Studies have shown that those who are both bullies and victims of bullying suffer the most serious effects of bullying and are at greater risk of mental and behavioral problems than those who are either only bullies or only bullied. Even with the passing of time, its effects could be ever-lasting that overcoming them proves difficult. The health impact of bullying may be in form of physical injuries, mental disturbances or even death.


Physical Injuries: This could affect both the bullies and their victims, commonly due to fights between both parties.


Mental Disturbances: The victims of bullying usually end up getting depressed. Most of the time they have poor self-esteem and may lack social skills. Post-traumatic stress disorder and social anxiety are other common effects bullying could cause.


Death: Shocking right? A cumulative of all the above effects or even less could drive one to commit suicide. Uncommonly a fight could escalate to death.

This may sound very strange to you but it is very much in the air. Very appalling especially knowing that it is a common thing in our country and nothing is being done about it. Meanwhile the solution is very much in our hands, it’s just a matter of choice.


About The Author

Chinazo Iloeje is a Medical Doctor at Garnetcare Medical Center, Abuja. She hopes that through her writing, new health discoveries and other important health information would be made known to all Africans.

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