Bleeding Hearts- Duped by Love


My name is Chimamnkpam,  but most friends call me “Nkay”. I am  22 years old. I was born on the 1st of January 1995. I am a single lady, 5 feet 9 tall from Ogwa, Mbaitoli Imo State. My hobbies are playing football, table tennis and helping people. Five years ago, I was deflowered by my boyfriend .how did this come about?

We have been friends since child hood, He lived a stones- throw from my house, sometimes we trekked to  school together and we shared stories, songs and pains together, we were like fairy tale friends.Then we continued to grow.

He became a popular,handsome and notorious young lad in school while I  was the book- worm.

After our secondary school, He introduced me to the mother as the wife to brand the whole family replaced my name with  Emeka’s  wife.That is my boy friends wife.

Then we gained admission into the same university. He told me that he’s in the same university with me because he loved me and wanted to be close to me.

He would come to my house eat, and collect money from me claiming that he had no money. When we came back from holiday, he would page me, when I come to his house, he would make me spend on him and his family until I had no other money.

I thought it was all love. And I would remember that the bible said that it is more blessed to give than to receive , so I continued. Until he wanted to travel abroad.He lured me to give him thousands of money

I gave him all I had until he drugged my food with Indian hemp and cocaine,out of anger he deflowered me.My brain was affected because of that and the next day, he was no where to be found,he had travelled to India.

Well just take your time before you fall in love and be careful when you do cos it can either make or marr you.

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A very Passionate Writer with broad experience in various spheres of life. Music director, Political analyst and currently undergoing training in the medical field. Dig deep. . Find Gold. .. Show the world

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