Abuja: Charly Boy almost lynched by pro-Buhari members during his peaceful protest


The anti-Buhari protesters led by Charles Oputa, the entertainer better known as Charly Boy, have been attacked at the popular Wuse market in Abuja.

According to eye witness, Some youth attacked them when they moved to the market in the course of their protest on Tuesday morning.

Deji Adeyanju, one of the leaders of the group, confirmed the development. The protesters had started a campaign on Monday last week, demanding that the president – who is away in the UK on a medical vacation – resumes or resigns.

Deji said the attack was masterminded by a “regular face” among pro-Buhari protesters – a group involved in solidarity protest in support for President Muhammadu Buhari.

PDP’s former Youth leader, Deji Adeyanju tweeted, “We just went to Wuse market for mobilization against 100 days event tomorrow & a regular face at Unity Fountain brought thugs to attack us.”

“Charly Boy came to this market with some cameramen doing his protest here.

I was standing in front of my shop when I saw him running for his dear life, being chased by those youth,” a trader at the market said.

“They nearly lynched him, because those youth almost overpowered police security near him.”

The musician was rescued by security operatives who fired gunshots and tear-gas to disperse the crowd.

 The security operatives later returned to remove Charly Boy’s vehicles from the market, using tear-gas to disperse the protesters who tried to stop them. Wuse market ‎is Abuja’s largest and is dominated by northerners, many of them supporters of President Buhari. The gates of the market were temporarily closed and manned by heavily armed security operatives after the incident.

“Charly Boy caused it, how can he come here to be talking against Buhari.

Those Hausa boys dealt with him,” a meat seller in the market who witnessed the incident said.

Adeyanju also claimed in another tweet that Charly Boy’s car was damaged by the thugs that attacked the group.

A witness told TheCable that some traders at the market were the ones who prevented the anti-Buhari group from meeting there. “Some boys in this market were throwing stones at Charly Boy’s group,” the witness said. “From their actions, it is clear that they are supporters of the president.

The police came here but they could not handle the situation.” Last week, the police cracked down on the anti-Buhari protesters at the Unity Fountain where they had gathered. They said the crack down was because hoodlums infiltrated the protesters and wanted to cause public disorder. The group, however, denied the allegations.

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Charly Boy

Charly Boy

Charly Boy

Charly Boy

Charly Boy

Charly Boy

Charly Boy

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