Video: Nollywood Actress Ufuoma Ejenobor in hot fight with police


Actress Ufuoma Ejenobor was viciously beaten by policemen in Lagos.

Not long after the incident she posted the following on her Facebook:

“hmmmm……i was assaulted by policemen attached to the convoy of the Lagos state house of Assembly speaker (Adeyemi Ikuforiji) on the 29th of oct. they hit my car and drove on without regarding their act. when i started recording it, they got angry, assaulted me and took my blackberry phone…which they still have till date.”

I am running really late with this news since it occurred on the 29th of October and Ufuoma tweeted about it not long after. The truth is I wasn’t going to post it at all. I have only now decided to post it after seeing the news posted on various blogs online and seeing the disgusting comments made, basically along the lines of she deserved what she got because of how she was behaving. I think that people were shocked because Ufuoma was looking wild eyed, shouting and screaming as one does not expect a celebrity to behave. I saw comments that people would have expected it from a razz girl like Tonto Dikeh, but they did not expect such from Ufuoma Ejenobor.

Yes, when we see Ufuoma in the public capacity, as that is all most of us shall ever know of her she is the epitome of class and grace, she is always well polished and well spoken. Even in her movies we have not seen her acting any role that is similar to the way she behaved in the tape. What has all this got to do with the fact that she was angry about having just been beaten? Fed up of the injustice that beats you down every time you leave the house. Fed up of the thieves and looters thinking that they are above of the average person. Why wouldn’t she be angry and screaming and shouting after she had just been beaten and robbed in the street? Would you be the epitome of class and grace after enduring such public humiliation?

The other thing that must be noted is that this incident happened in Nigeria. Nigeria people. Whether you want to admit it or not, patriotism or no patriotism, the country is lawless and run by crooks. You can love or hate that I have pointed it out but as Ufuoma said in the video “it is the simple truth.” Acting classy and timid in Nigeria will get you nowhere. Read my lips NOWHERE! Nowhere at all. Behaving the way that she behaved is what people understand. Noone will take notice of what you have to say unless you are making a big noise. If she was acting all timid and quiet that is how they would have ushered her to wherever they wanted to usher her to and dealt with her severely, perhaps we may not be even seeing her today.

I have only been there twice myself but in my classy and timid capacity everybody wanted to take advantage. I didn’t want to cuss anyone out because I didn’t want to be rude. Rude is what you have to be sometimes. My friend on the other hand had other ideas and the way she expressed them made me cringe. I was shocked but surprisingly her “razz” and very blunt behaviour was the only way to get the point across that she would not stand to be taken advantage of and people seemed to respect her for it. So call it razz, call it what you want but it is what it is and it is the language that Nigerians understand.

I have heard people say that Ufuoma is making it up. They say that she is trying to extort money from the police and that she planned it? Do you guys see her face? It is just me or does it look puffy and bruised? Hmmmm I suppose she did this to herself all for the grand plan of trying to sue the police? This is police brutality plain and simple. It is as though Nigerians have got so used to bowing down to power and turning a blind eye that it has come to the stage that you will blame a woman for being beaten down by men. What is the world coming to?

People say that we did not see the beating. Why did we see everything else BUT the beating. Who do you think was filming it? Think well. They only wanted the public to see Ufuoma acting out, to see the gentle Chief Inspector of police calming down the mad woman. How very convenient that the beating was edited out. It is very obvious that she has been beaten. She is screaming and crying, “They beat me, they took my phone.” Did you once hear the guy ask her what she was talking about or refute her claims? Did he even ask her who beat her? NO! Why would he when he knows full well exactly what happened, when everyone there watching too knew what happened, he would look like a big fool.

The Lagos State Of Assembly is now planning to sue her. Can you imagine? This is how these people truly feel that they have wings. Not only will they beat and rob you but then they will have the nerve to turn around and try and sue you on top. You can see what imbeciles are being dealt with by their pathetic public statement release. See what the Chief of Staff of the Assembly Mr. Segun Olusesi had to say:

She wanted to be beaten by the way she behaved but we were lucky and matured enough, especially because we were in a state of mourning and that is why we didn’t give it to her.

Does this sound like a man that should be Chief of anything? I can understand him talking to his friends like a jobless fool but to release a public statement saying this is ludicrous as far as I am concerned. This is what I mean when I say the country is lawless. Just look how people in positions of authority are behaving.

I hope Ufuoma gets the justice that she deserves. These people behave like vigilantes and they need to be called to order. I’m rooting for her.

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