Why I almost committed suicide- Julius Agwu

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After a long period of silence, Julius Agwu and his family are opening up in detail about the comedian’s terrifying brain tumour experience.

Speaking exclusively to Inspaya, the 43-year-old funny man revealed how he began to suffer memory loss and several seizures shortly after shooting the TV series The Vendor.

“All i remember was I woke up in the hospital and heard the story of my being in coma. I lost my memory.” he said.

Julius’ wife, Ibiere and his sister Theresa also shared that the incident got so bad to a point where he stopped moving and was almost taken to the mortuary.

“So now I am going to be a widow, how do I manage with these children?” Ibiere stated were her thoughts at the time.

It wasn’t until after a trip to an American hospital, that Julius discovered he had three tumours in his brain with one that was the size of a gulf ball.

“I started looking for my property documents to give to my wife. One day when they were not home, i almost committed suicide.” Julius stated in the interview.

Following his successful surgery at the Park Plaza Hospital in Houston, America in 2015, the funny man decided to drop a thanksgiving song titled Second Chance. He has also vowed to use all his platforms to glorify God.

Last year, the father of two was hospitalized in London for stress-related issues however he has since recovered and assured his fans that he is hale and hearty

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