Secrets of bringing out the mother in your wife


All married women are wives but not all wives can make a home. It is the responsibility of the man to bring out these qualities in his woman through genuine love.

The word LOVE can be described as a warm liking or affectionate devotion. Love is a major requirement for making your marriage successful. It is the major material required in building and transforming your house into a home and bring out the motherhood in your wife.

God is telling husbands to love their wives, sacrificially and unconditionally. This does not depend on your wife’s character  but to make your home to become a place where joy, laughter, excitement and peace, Just make it a duty to love your wife not only by saying it, but also showing it, and you will discover that your home will become a delight to yourself and the envy of others.

Love is not love until it is expressed. Husband, until you comply with this commandment to love your wife the you may never taste fulfilment in marriage. You make it automatically easy for your wife to respond in total submission to you, when you exhibit unconditional love to her.  Remember, no woman resists love or hates to be loved. As you begin to love her wholeheartedly, not minding her errors, she will begin to respond to you, and your family harmony will be kept aflame, radiating the glory of God.

If only husbands could learn to give their wives more attention and more time as well, their situation will brighten up. Some men can give a lot of money to their wives; but to give their time is the problem. They claim that their time is too precious to be wasted.

Saying I love you has become so difficult for some men, it could be a cultural hang-up; but saying the words, “I love you” to your wife, may be just what you need to do, to cause a transformation in your home. It doesn’t portray weakness like others conclude, but strength.

Thirdly, Action speaks louder than words, they say. So, if you are confessing love for your wife, but you act selfishly by not giving money for her upkeep and that of the children, screaming “I love you” at the top of your voice, would have no meaning to her. This is because your actions are disproving your love.

Loving essentially starts from the heart, but eventually finds expression through the mouth and by actions. Therefore, beginning from the thoughts of your hearts, husbands, learn to love your wives.

Also, a touch sometimes speaks, just as much as words. It communicates, “I am with you.” It also keeps the fire burning all the time. Endeavour to study to be romantic. Your wife is to be “ravished” by your love (Proverbs 5:19). “Ravished” means transported by delight. It will work wonders in your marriage.

Husband, there may be times when your wife is down physically. Remember “love is medicine.”  As my husband often says, “You can give without loving, but you can’t love without giving.”  Something has to prove physically that you truly love your wife. What have you given her lately in demonstration of your love for her?A kiss or a little gift from you will constantly go a long way to express your love for her.

Every woman loves to be praised, either for what she has done or simply for who she is.  No one is perfect; so, you need to always compliment your wife for those good qualities in her, and that will bring out the best in her.  Make room for praise in your home, and your relationship will be a heaven on earth!

If, for instance, you use abusive words on your wife, you have succeeded in convincing everyone that is a witness to it that you are speaking out of the abundance of your heart. Until you change the contents of your thoughts, you cannot speak otherwise. Husband, initiate the love relationship between you and your wife, and she will respond to you in love, for no woman hates to be loved. When you love your wife, you easily win her submission.

Furthermore, as a caring husband, you must learn to speak kind words to your wife. Words create the right atmosphere in the home. Express to her the nice qualities you like in her. Handle your wife with care by speaking kind words of appreciation to her often.

Your relationship with your wife started with the use of these three words: “I love you.” That means, it will grow by its continuous use.  Often, however, these words are forgotten after the euphoria of the wedding ceremony is over. Words are powerful, and saying, “I love you” over and over, spices up marriage. Just as it is necessary for rain to fall again and again for farmers to reap a bountiful harvest; so also, it is to say, “I love you” over and over.

While your wife does the housework, don’t just sit in front of the television enjoying a game of football. Then from time to time, you turn around and say to the tired, and worn-out woman, “Get me this, get me that.” Instead, take a step to help her by doing your fair share of household chores; it adds credence to your words!

A great burden is placed on you as the man to love your wife as Christ loves the Church. You are not exempted from this responsibility, even if your wife is not submissive. This responsibility can be accomplished only by sacrifices, being a godly example and through an unconditional devotion, commitment and dedication to your family.

Clued from Pastor Abioye Faith Oyedepo

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