Fufu is killing us but we say it a witch- Pastor Otabil


Fufu is killing Africans - Ghanaian pastor, Mensah Otabil says

Pastor Mensah Otabil

Speaking at the national convocation of the 2017 Springboard Roadshow, he highlighted the need for a change in the attitudes of Africans, he also said the process in which fufu is being made was difficult and very unhygienic.

Fufu, which is prepared with cooked cassava and plantain, yam and or cocoyam, is one of the many favorite delicacies in several countries in Africa.

‘Any food that if you have to eat you’ll have to punish yourself, what’s the sense in it? And the annoying thing is when you’re pounding, the sweat will be going in and will be mixed, and even in the mortar, there are all kinds of bacteria in the corners. This is an ecosystem for bacteria, 5 years and we are still pounding and people will say, that’s what we like.

Fufu is killing Africans - Ghanaian pastor, Mensah Otabil says

Picture of wraps of fufu up for sale

It’s killing us, because you know Africans we don’t know what kills us, the thing is killing us but you say it’s a witch because we never identify objectively the cause of the problem. Come to think of it, this fufu in this mortar is not sanitized , what impact does it have on our lives?’ , he added

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