Video: Soldiers beat up physically-challenged man for putting on camouflage


A video trending has revealed how two soldiers beat up a physically-challenged man for putting on camouflage in a location said to be Onitsha, one of the cities in Anambra state.

In a video, which one Ifeanyichukwu Emmanuel uploaded on Facebook, the wheel chair of the victim was seized from him and thrown to a corner.

The officers, who were communicating in Igbo language, were heard saying: “Stubborn! Stubborn!”

One of them had a gun and horsewhip, while the other had just a horsewhip.

They dragged the man on the floor, and used the whips on him at intervals. He screamed out of pain, but no one could come to his rescue.

A crowd of onlookers watched helplessly from a distance. Vehicles and motorcycles passed through the busy road while the security agents were maltreating the individual.

They later abandoned him and jumped into their waiting van, which was parked right in the middle of the road throughout the period that the assault lasted.

It is not clear when the incident happened.

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