15 Things You Should Never say to a Makeup Addict.

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1. Do you REALLY need all of that makeup? Is this even a real question?

2. I’d never pay THAT much just for a lipstick! Tragic.

3. I/guys/girls actually prefer girls who wear less makeup. Um, OK?


4. You look soooo different with makeup! Well, I didn’t spend an hour perfecting my contour to look exactly the same!

5. You don’t even need to wear that much makeup — you’re so
pretty naturally.
Thanks, but girls wear makeup because they *choose* to, not because they don’t think they’re pretty enough.

6. Why in the world do you have 10 different shades of red
Summer reds, fall reds, winter reds, blue-based reds, orange-based reds … DUH!

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7. I don’t get the eyebrow obsession.

8. I don’t wear makeup.

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