Ambode cancels monthly environmental sanitation exercise in Lagos


The Lagos state government has cancelled the monthly environmental sanitation exercise after an Appeal Court declared it as an infringement of human right.

The state used to engage in a three-hour sanitation on the last Saturday of the month but this was terminated on Wednesday, November 23 Executive Council meeting which approved the need for a robust review of the environmental laws and procedures in the state in order to meet the present day challenges and to promote a clean and healthy environment.

In a statement by Steve Ayorinde who is the state commissioner for information and strategy, he said the state realised that it was economically unreasonable to prevent people in a mega city from going about their business.

According to government, in the last two decades, Lagos has grown exponentially into a mega city “but sadly, the environmental laws, policies and procedures being practiced in the State have not been able to match the phenomenal growth and the dream of a 24-hour economy, hence the need for the reform.”

Ayorinde said Lagos was focused on trying a new method to deal with the problems of environmental challenges.

The state said: “After a careful consideration, the State Executive Council has therefore resolved that the present economic climate can no longer support the continued lock down of a mega city like Lagos, when the citizens should be free to engage in commercial and entrepreneurial activities that can promote economic growth and prosperity.

“Furthermore, Government will also accelerate the introduction of fresh reforms through the passage of the new harmonized environmental laws that will drive meaningful changes in areas of harmonized billing, waste management, modern Landfill sites, noise pollution, introduction of an Environmental Trust Fund and an Environmental Advisory Council.

“The Government wishes to reiterate its strong commitment to a clean and secure environment for the benefit of its citizens, and will continue to provide the necessary leadership to meet the environmental challenges of a mega city like Lagos. Lagosians and visitors alike are therefore urged to embrace these changes and imbibe a culture of voluntarily maintaining and preserving their environment to create a beautiful and healthy city that we all can be proud of.”

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