How To Match Your Outfit to Your Hairstyle.

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Certain hairstyles suit certain looks or outfits. When considering what to wear, you usually think of how to wear your hair as well as accessories like what shoes, handbag and jewellery to choose. The aim is to match and look great from head to toe. This article looks at which hairstyles suit different outfits and how to wear them well.

Formal Wear


In addition to finding the perfect dress, accessories and that all-important plus 1, your hair at a formal and dressy event can really make or break an outfit.

Different dresses suit different hairstyles. For example, a lace dress looks great with a loose, wavy updo finished with lots of shine spray for effortless beauty while a dress with a v-neck or plunging neckline should be balanced with loose curls in a bob or your hair down and long.

A halter neck dress is already sorted for neck detail, so pile your hair high on your head to expose the halter neck design—a fishtail braid, high bun or chignon is a great look for this type of dress.

If you choose a girly, strappy summer dress, try styling your hair in a loose bun or chignon for feminine and romantic charm.

Strapless dresses look great when you fully expose your shoulders and neckline, so look to lift your hair off this area by styling it a braid wrapped into a high or mid bun.

A ponytail—sleek or volumized—looks great with a turtleneck gown or a sweetheart neckline, drawing your hair back and everyone’s attention to the dress style itself.

Work Wear


You have the outfit down to a fine art—a power suit, high heels, classic watch and jewellery—but what about the hair? Every great office or interview outfit needs an equally powerful hair statement.

If you prefer feminine work wear (flowery blouses, flowing skirts or summery dresses with slingback heels), your best bet is a hairstyle that is no fuss so you can get it looking great in the morning in a rushed early beauty routine.

Some of the best options are a low bun or side bun and clipping your fringe to the side. Alternatively, try a French braid if you have more time. If you prefer the powerful work look (trouser suit, fitted shirt and killer heels), try a hairstyle that matches it. A slicked back hairstyle, such as a sleek, high ponytail or high bun looks great. For the slicked look, add some styling product, use a smoothing brush and finish with shine spray and a fixing spray.

The idea for a great work hairstyle for the office is to opt for something smart and feminine but practical. You don’t want hair falling in your face when you are typing an important report and trying to meet a deadline.

Remember, most office jobs follow a 9-5 routine, so your hairstyle needs to be long-lasting—plenty of grips and hairspray are needed. Of course, if your work does not take place in an office, the same principles apply; go for something that matches the style of your outfit and image and is practical, quick and easy and long-lasting.

Sports Wear


Sports hairstyles are all about being practical.

You need to be able to bounce around without your hair falling out of place. However, while sturdy and practical hairstyles are your main consideration, there’s no reason you can’t add some fashionable choices to what you wear for the gym!

Some of the best workout hairstyles that match gym wear include high ponytails, braids, French braids and tight buns. Finish off your hairstyle with a strong hold hairspray and plenty of grips. Don’t be afraid to add a matching colored headband for the perfect finish!



This is one of the most frequent outfits you’ll wear—it’s smart enough for getting into nice places, but casual enough to be comfortable. But which hairstyle matches your skinny jeans, fitted top and heels combo?

Opt for a hairstyle that is not too formal (not something that looks best-suited to a wedding or function) but not too simple either (not the same style you’d wear to work or the gym).

The best part is, you can play around and find lots of awesome inspiration online (Pinterest, Instagram etc) and hair magazines. Some great smart-casual hairstyles include a side ponytail (sleek or with loose curls), straight and sleek hair down or a high ponytail with hair wrapped around the hair tie.



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