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Few more days to the end of the journey that has kept the whole world at alert. The question on the right candidate for the United States of America is a food for thought for all.

What started like a joke when billionaire Donald Trump announced his run for president of the United States of America has become one of the most exciting elections in modern American history.

No doubt, Obama’s energizing campaign and historic win in 2008 still takes the cake in terms of excitement and racial harmony for a former community organizer who shot into limelight as an Illinois state senator. His speech at the 2004 Democratic convention reminded voters that despite the Blue and Red states of the Union representing Democrats and Republicans, there was no Blue or Red America, only the United States of America. Fast forward to 2015 when the exciting, loquacious and bombastic real estate mogul delivered his announcement with controversial statements that included calling Mexican immigrants rapists and going on to mock and belittle almost all his opponents, even accusing the father of Ted Cruz (his most formidable GOP primary election opponent) as having a hand in the killing of President John Kennedy. Not to mention 11 women accusing him of touching them indecently without their consent. Vanguard reports.

Hillary Clinton, the Democrat representative has been taking the lead until the mishandling of the Benghazi uprising that claimed the life of U.S. Ambassador to Libya and three other American diplomats and her never-ending email scandals surfaced in October which has threatened to derail her campaign. Two days to the election, the excitement and tension is embrassed with fear.

As Trump sudden close gap lead is threatening the modern American election history. The latest revelation that threaten clinton’s bone of success is the investigation into the emails of one of Clinton’s closest aides which in turn breath a new life to the Trump campaign.

However, many may wonder why trump’s sudden success lead would not upset that would have shaken the world. Here’s why:

First, Early Voting. With more than 22 million votes already cast, about 4 million more Democrats have voted, compared to Republicans, giving Hillary a clear advantage. Almost 100 percent of early voting Democrats are expected to vote for Hillary Clinton while some of the early Republican voters have publicly said they did not vote for Trump.

Even Trump seems to realize that the early votes would probably decide this election, hence he recently launched an appeal to Democrats who may have regretted voting for Clinton to go change their votes in the seven states of the union that allow early voters to change their votes before Election Day. It’s not likely that many (if any) voters would heed that call.

Secondly, Trump does not have as much campaign cash to spend compared to Clinton. And Trump is losing the war on star surrogates. While Trump is his biggest surrogate, with his running mate Gov. Mike Pence and former New York Mayor Rudy Giuliani as supporting casts,

Thirdly, Clinton has an army of surrogates, from President Obama to V/P Joe Biden, First Lady Michelle Obama to President Bill Clinton, Sen. Elizabeth Warren, Clinton’s running mate Sen. Tim Kaine and a host of others. These surrogates will crisscross the battleground states to make a last minute push for Clinton, more than Trump can do in the remaining few days. That’s a major advantage for Clinton.

Here are more reasons to back that up. Watch out for these Battleground States Here are the battle ground states likely to decide this election: Florida, Ohio, Pennsylvania, Michigan, North Carolina, Wisconsin, Colorado, New Hampshire, Arizona, Nevada and Utah. At press time, Trump was leading in Ohio, Arizona, Nevada and New Hampshire while they were tied in Colorado. Clinton was leading in Florida, Pennsylvania, Michigan and North Carolina. Utah remains a toss-up state with independent candidate and former CIA operative Evan McMullin threatening to win that state. (Yes, that same McMullin who disappeared from the radar after announcing his bid for the White House). Vanguard

However, the polls are changing by the day and the situation could change by the time you read this. Electoral College still shows Clinton lead, three days to the election, Clinton still has a projected 274 Electoral College votes, analyzed on Thursday. BBC

Th best news for Clinton is that going by this poll, she can afford to lose six battleground states – Florida, Ohio, North Carolina, Arizona, Utah and New Hampshire – and still win the election.

The question for Trump is, Can he win all six states inorder upset Clinton’s win?

According to Michigan in his “W” column, or forget the White House, He states ”Unless Trump can win a few other traditionally Democrat-leaning states, such as Virginia, which looks very unlikely it will be a tough call for him”.

“I called this election for Clinton weeks ago. I stand by that call. Trump’s surge in the poll would not be enough to get him to the White House. Hence, I predict that the election would not be as close as many pundits are expecting. By midnight on November 8, Hillary Clinton would be projected the winner and next president of the United States of America”.

What is your Candidate?

Source: Vanguard, BBC

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