Governor el-Rufai inspires takfiri thugs massacre of dozens of Shia Muslims in Kaduna


Chaos and war in the Northern part of Nigerian seems not to end as takfiri thugs inspired by the Kaduna State Governor in the massacre of Shia Muslims and continuous persecution.


Reports have it that the takfiri youth inspired by governor el-Rufai are moving freely with arms and under watch of the army and police and attacking and killing Shia Muslims in various states. At least four were killed in Tundun Wada, Kaduna state and at least one was killed in Sokoto state.


An eye witness reveals that the attack on Shia Muslims who were celebrating Ashura in the Muslim Muharram Holy month was carried out by both police, army and takfiri thugs.


As the open persecution against Shia Muslims in Nigeria progresses, the latest casualty has been a young man reportedly killed by members of the police in Funtua, Katsina state. Other ladies were also shot at Funtua during the Ashura Holy procession.


Ashura marks the day Noah got off the ark, it also marks the day God opened the sea for Moses to save him and his followers from Pharaoh and the day Hussein was martyred at Karbala.


Source: newsrescue

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