Black Man Who Calls 911 Was Beaten To Death By The Police – UK


21-Year-Old Towon Boyd who called 911 for help after taking drugs dies from Policemen brutality.

Doctors couldn’t revive Tawon Boyd following the altercation with police – who repeatedly punched him while they responded to a call for an ambulance.

Initial accounts by Baltimore County Police Department claim officers were responding to a call made by Boyd’s girlfriend, Deona Styron.

Though, Latoya Francis-Williams, a lawyer representing the Boyd family, claims the victim placed the call himself requesting an ambulance.

‘They really were supposed to be there to get him to the nearest healthcare facilit

When questioned regarding the discrepancy the force updated their account, stating: ‘Police originally thought the girlfriend was the caller because the information passed on to police from the dispatcher said “female yelling on the phone”.’

The police report states: ‘While speaking with the subject, I observed that he was sweating heavily and appeared to be confused and paranoid.

‘It was obvious that Suspect Boyd was under the influence of a narcotic and/or suffering’ and needed to be taken to the hospital for an emergency evaluation.’

The report also details how Boyd attempted to gain entry to police vehicles before he was punched in the face and restrained by Officer Bowman and Officer Garland, who attended the scene.


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