Why Attitude Determines Business Success

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I am motivated to write on this topic because it is one of the most important critical success factors for entrepreneurs.

I experienced an incident last week where the potential success of a business was threatened by the attitude of the business owner.

I went to do some printing at my customers shop. While we were setting out the my material on the computer system, a middle aged man walked in and started screaming at the top of his voice clearly showing dissatisfaction with the quality of the printing service he received.

The business owner and his employees in response started poking fun at the already enraged dissatisfied customer blaming the printing machine which they failed to clean before the job was executed.

There was an elderly lady seated in the shop that consoled the man, advising him to be more “understanding”. She explained that she was worn-out getting angry and all she wanted was to get her work completed while promising never to come back to the same shop. She brought in a video editing job the previous day, a job that should take about two hours to arrange and burn to disc had taken a second day and she was not even sure when it was to be completed.

Imagine for a second that you were a prospective customer and you walked into that shop for the first time at that moment, based on their marketing, social media advert or plainly because of the signage and met with this chaos.

One of the most essential steps an entrepreneur must take in order to achieve business success is to be attentive to how their attitude affects work, performance, relationships and everyone around.

Entrepreneurship can be very challenging; it comes with a lot of unpredictability and inconstancy. An entrepreneur will most likely encounter success, disappointments and difficulties along the way.

Experts say that success is not affected by the situations you encounter but by  your response to such situations.

The choice is pretty obvious; one must maintain the right attitude to be successful in business.

Attitude affects how one is perceived by potential customers, employees, investors, suppliers and everybody that participates in the value chain of a business.

A positive attitude is infectious and the energy is transferred to anybody you come in contact with. This makes it easy for people to desire doing business with you.

The possibilities of maximizing your business potentials become very attainable. The opposite is most likely going to be the case if a negative attitude is adopted.attitude

Characteristic negative attitudes can be as a result of previous experiences and events. Some of the causes may include anxiety, pressure, low self-confidence, resentment and not being prepared to manage change. It can be very difficult to point out the origin of negative attitudes, but the benefit of letting go of this evil trait is for life.

A positive attitude can be achieved by encouraging oneself through positive affirmations, convictions and by faith.

Your passion for business is vital to overcoming demanding circumstances and influence people to work for you and do business with you. Passion is something entrepreneurs must self-develop.

During difficult moments, it is important to take some time off and analyze the reasons for going into business, why you needed to be your own boss. This should be able to reinvigorate your passion.

A positive attitude must include trustworthiness, flexibility, dependability and the ability to make timely decisions.

You must understand that the major asset your organization owns is you. So you must take care of your health, exercise regularly and eat healthily. This in turn helps you maintain balance and energy which in turn improves mental outlook.

You must believe in yourself, be ready to accept criticisms gracefully, admit mistakes and maintain a strong work ethic.

Sometimes there may be need to leave your comfort zone, and take decisions that are important for your business even if it means changing things that you are already used to. This may include staff, technology and strategy.

Quote “It is your attitude that determines your altitude not your aptitude” Zig Zigler

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