Ankara in your everyday wear.

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Isn’t it just amazing how the native print (Ankara) can be incorporated into any look we want these days. The ankara has become so popular and almost superseding our normal wears.

We can  go any direction with these native prints, whether it’s casual, corporate or traditional looks, ankara will slay all the way.

Corporate look: Gone are the days we have to wear a suit or some stiff outfit just to look corporate for work. These ankara styled corporate clothing can do just as well as your ready made clothes. Let’s take a look!

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Casual looks: This is no surprise, ankara materials these days are used to create very fun and exciting styles. All you need is the right tailor.

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Traditional looks: this is the most common look, everybody goes with, it’s actually want the native prints are created for, to represent  different cultures. But over the years the styles have been modernized and the looks are even more gorgeous than you can imagine.

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Wedding guest look: Apart from the regular Aso-ebi that always comes with native prints, people make gorgeous designs like gowns, jumpsuit, and the rest with these native prints (they can even pass for designer wears) for occasions like weddings.

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