“LABELS” don’t define you.

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The world we live in is filled with Stereotypes. Everyone is trying to belong in a particular class or just follow the crowd as the case might be. Originality is so rare these days, everyone is too busy trying to be Kim K and Kylie to explore their own potentials. In the end, it just leaves the world with a bunch of mediocre too scared to be themselves.

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Anyway let’s leave the saving of the world for the avengers. I’m here to fight the FASHION fight and once again correct a lot of wrong misconceptions about it. Let’s face it fashion is the root of all evils these days. As the world is becoming more modernized, fashion keeps growing and people are becoming more and more obsessed with it. Everyone wants a Birkin (even though it costs more than what you would make in a year), it’s like the more expensive they get, the more in demand they become. Fashion has made us very greedy, nobody is content with their “forever” jeans and tees anymore, they want the big names like “mango” “Vera Wang” “Victoria Beckam”and the rest. And just like every other thing in this life LABELS are yet again taking over.

I’m not saying having designers are not cool (i mean if you can afford it then slay on girl) but if you can’t then this article is for you.

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Designer is not fashion. Fashion is when you can wear a $30 shirt and make it look  like $300 (not like i would buy a shirt for $30 but you get the point). The idea behind looking sophisticated just because you’re wearing a label is wrong, you can have all the designers in the world and still not be able to piece a simple look together. Real fashion is when you can literally pull off any garbage,  fashion is whatever someone wants it to be it’s all up to the individual. It’s not all about the brand, it’s about style. Fashion is Rihanna wearing a backwards buttoned  shirt and making it look worth a thousand dollars.

Fashion is something that comes within and not with a label. It’s all about believing in yourself and making others believe in you. I mean how many times has celebrities worn something absolutely garbage and still manage to turn it into a trend?? Look at Kendall Jenner with her new ripped clothes trend.


So next time you can’t afford that new “Marc Jacob” bag, there’s always a cheap knockoff around the corner that you can turn into a million dollar look with just a flip of your hair…. *winks*

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