Every Child Deserves To Be Happy- Child Poverty


Just the other day as I was on my way to the State University Junction in Owerri, Imo state, I stormed into a lying corpse of a little boy on the highway, beside the body was scattered sachets of water and a broken bowl. The Driver of my taxi said the poor boy was knocked down by a truck some hours ago while he was hawking sachet water.

I monitored every face that looked at that direction and one similar reaction was obvious – the Frown mixed with sympathy. The disgust people wore on the sight was disheartening  yet they seemed helpless.

So I thought, “if only this child was in the right place, in school or at home”
Maybe he would have been alive to become a leader in the future. Maybe that child was the solution the world has been waiting for. If only he was given an opportunity to live.

There are similar or worse scenarios of children death and abuse such as sex trafficking, child labor, Diseases,malnutrition and early marriage especially in Africa. Probably because Children living in impoverished areas face increased danger of experiencing violence due to Child poverty.


Wikipedia defines Child poverty as children living in poverty . This applies to children that come from poor families or orphans being raised with limited, or in some cases absent, state resources. Children that fail to meet the minimum acceptable standard of living for the nation where that child lives are said to be poor. In developing countries such as Nigeria, these standards are lower and when combined with the increased number of orphans the effects are more extreme.

Poverty damages. It damages childhoods; it damages life chances; and it damages us all in society.
Children living in poverty are almost twice as likely to suffer chronic illness during childhood or to have a disability and other unimaginable situations.

Poor children are also at greater risk for several negative outcomes such as poor academic achievement, school dropout, abuse and neglect, behavioral and socio-emotional problems, physical health problems, and developmental delays.

Do you know that in every year, 7.6 million children die before they even reach age 5, from causes that can be prevented with proper immunizations, proper nutrition and adequate water and sanitation?

There are children around you who experience deprivation of the material, spiritual and emotional resources they need to survive.
We all can’t afford to watch the leaders watch them suffer because we believe they’re their parent’s  or charitable organizations’  responsibility.

It’s our duty as a good citizens of our country to help these little ones in any way we can.

The world’s children deserve better. Ending the cycle of poverty begins with investing in children, beginning with maternal health and continuing into early childhood and beyond.



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