Facts about pubic hairs.

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Pubic hair divides women; some love to feel like they’re running wild in a meadow, some prefer to regularly mow the lawn, while others prefer to get rid of the grass completely. However you choose to groom (or not to groom) your pubic hair, your choice should reflect what makes you feel most comfortable and confident. But the one thing we all have in common is that when we start puberty, we all get it. So you may as well clue yourselves in about it. What is it? Why’s it there?

In our society, you can pretty much dress however you want because fashion allows you to have the freedom to express yourself. But the same also goes for your pubic hair. If you want it all off then go for it, but if you’d rather have a more retro 70s style going on, then that’s fine too. However, just bear in mind the fact that those who have less pubic hair receive more oral sex; so there really are pros and cons of having it.

Now, regardless of your haircut, there are actually some fun facts that you might not have known about the hair on your downstairs…

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It used to be a form of identification.

That’s right guys, so think about that one the next time that you get asked to show your ID at the pub.

Back in the olden days before pubs even existed, revealing your pubic hair was a way of estimating your age. Of course, if you actually had them then congratulations were in order because everyone knew that you had hit puberty and were sexually mature enough to start a family.

But your pubes also change over time. The older you get, the thinner and greyer they become in appearance, so it was easier to tell which women were also past their years of child birth.This way was obviously easier and more accurate than simply asking people who old they were.

There’s a benefit to your bush.

There’s a reason we grow hair down there; it actually serves as a protective barrier to genital tissues, and particularly the sensitive vaginal opening. So maybe it’s time to embrace the bush?

Pubic wigs used to be a thing

Ahh is there anything that the Victorians didn’t do? In a society were sex was both a sin and a pleasure, a lot of people would completely shave off their pubic hair but wear wigs in order to retain some modesty. Prostitutes also wore them to hide any sexual diseases they had as well as getting rid of pubic lice. Despite what you say about Victorian prostitutes, they really did have their clients best interests at heart.

But of course, the wigs then also became riddled with pubic lice.

Hair removal injuries are becoming more common.

Injuries caused by hair removal — including wounds, abscesses, rashes and ingrown hairs — are becoming more common. The number of visits to A&E because of pubic grooming jumped five-fold between 2002 and 2010.

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People who receive oral sex are more likely to remove their pubic hair

According to a study of pubic hair preferences published in the Journal of Sexual Medicine, a person who has received oral sex in the past month is more likely to be someone who removes their pubic hair. Thoughtful.

Hold off on the waxing until after your period.

Because of hormone changes, we’re most sensitive in the days just before and during our period, so it’s more likely to hurt like a bitch.

You transfer pubic hairs during sex.

That’s right folks, STIs aren’t the only things that are transferrable during sex. Even if you wear a condom, you’re still going to get some of your partner’s pubes invading your downstairs – that is if they have some of course.

Whilst everyone does have their own preferences, over 50% of women wish that their partners would take the time to go for a little trim whereas the majority of men don’t really care.

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