Extramarital Affair increases risk of ‘Broken Penis’


Many people who choose to engage in extramarital affairs are not interested in commitment. It also has various risks attached to it


1. Sex can also be risky

While penile factures are rare occurrences, they may be underreported due to the potentially embarrassing circumstances surrounding the injury, Kramer said.

Kramer cautions that, just as with sports, sex can come with risk of injury.

“If you’re having acrobatic sex…you do have to be careful,” because if you are doing something in a weird position or a weird situation…you do have to be careful of fracturing the penis.”

2. High Risk for Sexually Transmitted Diseases

When involved in extramarital affairs you are sleeping with a man or woman who is possibly sleeping with another and who knows, maybe the latter is also sleeping with someone else. This increases the chances of catching Sexually Transmitted diseases as compared to a committed relationship.

3. Broken’ penis

A penile facture, or “broken penis,” is an injury that occurs to the erect penis. There are no bones in the penis; the “fracture” refers to tearing or laceration of a fibrous membrane called the tunica albuginea, which surrounds the spongy tissue in the center of the penis.

A “fracture” is followed by hemorrhaging, swelling and loss of erection. While previous research has focused on the physiological mechanism of the facture, and how to surgically treat it, no study has looked at exactly what men were doing when they broke their penises. Kramer’s study aimed to fill this gap.

4..It is short term and based on convenience

The extramarital affair is usually a short-term thing. While a few men have relationships with their mistresses for years, this is the exception, not the rule. Most guys who get involved with other women do so because the man can give incentives, pay her bills or provide company.

The heightened risk appears to be due to the unconventional situations, and consequently, locations, surrounding sexual acts, the researchers said. Men in the study who had suffered penis fractures commonly were having sex in unusual settings, including in restrooms or at work, when the injury occurred. The majority were having extramarital affairs.

In such atypical situations, sex may be rushed and involve unusual or awkward sexual positions, Kramer said.

5. It’s still cheating

Cheating is cheating whether it is a one night stand or sustained clandestine affair. There are women who willingly choose to pursue affairs with men who are either married or already in committed relationships with someone else. Either way, the relationship is based on cheating since this is not your ‘genuine’ and/ or formal partner.




Source: MyHealthNewsDaily, wwe.mykenya.com

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