Make-up Could be Dangerous- Reevaluation


Did you know make-up could have severe adverse effects on the skin and other parts of the body, including the eyes?


Dermatologists, have warned against excessive use of make-up, saying that it exposes the skin to considerable amounts of germs and harmful toxins.The excessive use of make-up could cause skin irritation, allergies and even skin cancer because of the chemical content.

The chemicals found in lipsticks, eye pencils, mascara, kajal, among others, could cause serious health problems.” Especially when make-ups are not cleaned off before going to bed to remove all traces of chemicals from the skin.

“It is very imperative to use suitable face washes, cleansers, toners and scrubs to wash off the make-up on the skin daily, especially at night, to avert any skin irritation or disease,”.

Secondly, the wrong application of make-up could result in skin irritation. Women are advised to know their skin type in order to know the appropriate type of make-up to apply, particularly on the face.

Why do women wear makeup?
Makeup can make a huge difference in perceived physical attractiveness,
It has a way of boasting most women’s confidence.


Makeup is helpful when it comes down to the emergency situations: zits, blotchiness, and blackheads. These are all times when I need a little dab of foundation here and there.

Every woman should make sure make-up products are original and should be cleaned up before going to bed. Also, the wrong application of make-up, rather than enhance beauty, could mar it.

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