Nigeria is a Joke, Those Living There Are Mere Existing- Donald Trump


It’s no secret that Donald Trump says some of the dumbest things imaginable.
It’s also no secret that every time he says something idiotic, his poll numbers rise. And Most people can’t quite understand why. How can a man call an entire class of people rapists and still lead the Republican field for president?

How somebody can stand at a podium and insult women the way he does without it being complete and immediate political suicide?
These are comments and statements from critics and analysts.

Trump does well appealing to the uncivilized base of modern Republican dimwits, because he speaks to them as just that. By using short, simple sentences, crass insults and a very basic vocabulary, Donald Trump is speaking to the neo-con dunce in the language of a fourth grader according to Charles.

Personally I feel Trump is an extremist, verbally he has said many annoying things but whenever I listen to him, I tend to analyze his speech and most times would discover that there are hidden truth in what he says.

Yesterday, stumbled upon this article,”Nigeria is a Joke”, although the lines in this report might sound like that of Trump, the statements is still not yet authentic and as my boss would say, “the reports ain’t confirmed yet”.

The summary of the article is that, Nigeria is a place where anything can happen, where all sort of election frauds go on and people just fold there arms and stare. He said a so many crazy things about Nigerian politics and politicians, the people and the government and warns America using the template “Nigeria ” against  “Nigerialization”, in other words a set of people without Law and order and America should watch it lest Obama comes for the third tenure using the mask -Hillary Clinton(After all Obama is African).

The statement was harsh, being a Nigerian I was angry and immediately wanted to lash back, but later decided to reevaluate the statement and I came up with this.


“He just called a spade a spade”
Trump is extremely Provocative, but he just spoke the truth.

We cannot afford to be so politically correct anymore.

if you want to hear the corporate spin, the carefully-crafted lies the media dishes out, you might be disappointed because here as our convention, there will be no lies.

When it come to Democracy, Nigeria is lost! And if we continue to act in political apathy things would get worse.

Since I have been following Nigeria election, i would boldly say none has been free and fair. For Nigeria, election is just an action of unveiling the already selected person than a process of discovering who the masses wants.Nigeria is a place where people sell their votes for “Gehelt” or even food items.Nigeria is a place where winning an election is for the winner of numerous illegal battles.

What is most disturbing is that many election riggers are those contesting and were often allowed to spend three to four years in office while the courts delay hearing the cases against them thereby subverting the cause of justice, The Law says election petition has to be filed within a time frame but quite often court registrars who are assigned to accept the filing go into hiding making it impossible for complainants to find them on time.

Additionally,The modern day problems of Nigeria are traceable to imposition of candidates for election; fraudulent nomination of candidates for election; rigged election for the same candidates; the Courts upholding the same rigged election. All of these culminate in weak leadership, incapable hands and wrong people mounting the saddle of power and the problems of the country not only remain unsolved but increase exponentially.

If Nigeria had been where she should today, in this comparative analysis, we would have been having fully free Education up to university first degree, fully free Healthcare, adequate infrastructure and a Police Force at least twice the number we have now. As the potential is there, the economy would have followed and grows accordingly. We are not where we supposed to be because of election rigging, corruption, weak leadership and wrong people in Government.

Today, the above should be laid on the door steps of the members of the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) mainly. They have in these manners imposed themselves on the country since 1999 atleast till this current Government . Illegality does not last the day. Why have all the critical problems of the country such as insecurity, law and order, decayed infrastructure and corruption now crystallised on this Federal Government? The various PDP led Governments failed to solve these critical problems at the appropriate times when they were quite easy to solve not just individually but simultaneously (Alfred Aisedoinlen).


Of course the current Government is not any better, it’s equally exhibiting the same or even worse scenarios than that of previous Government.

To worsen the case, the incumbent government also acts like one of the dumbest history has ever recorded.
The most basic duty of government is to defend the lives of its own citizens. Any government that fails to do so is a government unworthy to lead. Whenever some nasty statement is made from an outsider just like that which was made by David Cameron, our President acts mute or says something tantamount to silence (because he knows it’s true I guess, and after all he even says similar stuff).

Trump might have said something terrible about Nigeria but personally I feel  it’s a wake-up call,It is finally time for a straightforward assessment of the state of our nation.

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