6 Sex position that communicates better than words


Communication is key to enjoying sex and experiencing the full psychological benefits of physical intimacy.

What spices up your relationship and keeps your man? Want to spice things up in the bedroom? Make his night and drive him crazy with these sex positions that men love. Ultimately, sex is about love and intimacy, so while the positions are part of the fun,


1. Woman on Top
This sexy position puts you in the driver’s seat, and that’s exactly where he wants you. Take advantage of being in control and set the pace according to what YOU like, leaving his hands free to roam.


2. Missionary

This for some is a favorite because it puts him in control, while still being intimate: your hips are free to do all the work, and you can lock lips and eyes with ease. while he’s in the power position on top of you, the two of you can set the pace together. Bringing closeness and the best sex is like a conversation, and missionary allows you to communicate with your bodies.

3. Doggie Style

This rear-entry positions puts him in control, allowing him to call the shots and to go at the speed that’s best for him. Plus, it allows for deeper penetration, making him feel like king in the bedroom.
If you’re craving a connection, flash a look back at him while you’re doing your thing — it’ll drive both of you over the edge.

4. The Lap Dance

Pull up a chair and have him take a seat while you get on top. He’ll love the look and feel of you straddling him, and having you in control will help him last longer, too. Plus, he still gets to be aggressive with his hands, tugging on your hair, rubbing your back, and pulling you closer.
5. The Valedictorian

This is like Missionary but SO much better. With him on top, have him put your ankles up by his shoulders so your legs make a “V.” You’ll still get to enjoy plenty of eye contact, but the super deep penetration makes it feel way naughtier.

6. Standing Up

Getting it on while standing up is probably not your go-to move, but it’s perfect for gotta-have-you-now sex that’ll make him feel irresistible. This position can be done any where and any time. Whether he’s bending you over the new kitchen table or you’re steadying yourself against the wall, this spontaneous position is perfect for a quickie.


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