5 times Kylie Jenner, introduced new daring fashion trends..

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There’s no doubt Kylie Jenner is one of today’s go-to stars for the latest fashion and beauty trends. She helped bring several styles to the forefront, like the crop top, leisurewear  trend and of course, matte lips, thanks to her successful cosmetics venture. The 19-yr-old is totally unstopped when it comes to her fashion game.

There are a few times she broke the rules:

She posted a picture of her with a cutoff short, a trend now known as the ” exposed butt cheek”.


The “underboob” trend is a daring new fashion, and who would rock this better.


The wedgie trend was first seen on Kylie Jenner.


Let’s not forget the sheer body suits…


And lastly her famous hair colors..

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