President Obama Joins Daughter To Serve Food At Her Workplace


Many people followed the story on social media. “Sasha Obama vacation job” as it became a trending Twitter topic last month, it was reported that Sasha was helping the restaurant get ready for its lunch service each day.

She is also involved serving customers, their food orders at a take-out window as She works for about four hours daily.

One of the other workers at the restaurant said She has been using her full name, Natasha, while on the job.

But the gist got more intriguing when The 15-year-old was treated to a surprise visit by someone she most likely least expected to see.

Her father ( The president of America himself) showed up and surprised his daughter and her co-workers by joining them in dishing and serving food.



This is quite unusual but we all must remember that one important quality of a good leader is his ability to serve not just on the high seat but one who could also engage in the same activities his people do.

We hope other Presidents learn from this.


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