How to be single.

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People get so used to been in a relationship, they forget to learn how to be on their own. It’s really easy to fall into this trap, don’t get me wrong i love “love”, we all do; we want to feel there’s always someone there (which is not a bad thing) until it all ends. Your average university graduate comes straight out of home and into their college boyfriends dorms and when all that ends you’ll realize you’ve nothing, you’ve distanced your friends (both guys and girls), you’ve completely built your life around someone, you’ve missed out in a lot, you want it back even when it’s bad for you, you’re insecure you might not find someone else. Been alone is scary but staying in a bad relationship will damage you.

Let me just stop you right there, truth is, you need to get yourself together. Just because you’re suddenly single doesn’t mean your life has ended, matter of fact it’s just began. You need to find yourself again, who are you without anyone? Stop moping around or going on a crazy manhunt in the name of being single. Enjoy your alone time, discover yourself and slowly every other thing will fall in place.

Here are some fun things you can do or you won’t have to do when you’re single.

Did you know been in a relationship is such a chore? You’re sharing your life with someone so naturally there has to be a lot of sacrifices, like having to sit through a boring movie because your other half loves it, you’re constantly changing your plans to match theirs, making sure you don’t forget a birthday or valentine’s day etc. Well you’re free as a bird now, you can now watch any movie you want without fighting over it, you’ve all the bed space to yourself, you get to save a lot of money (no more gifts) and yes! you finally don’t get to pretend that you like a shitty present.


You finally get to meet new people and not be afraid to socialize because you don’t want to make anyone jealous. Now you have time for your friends and no one will complain they never see you anymore. And what a relief you’re finally free from hanging with his crappy friends, that only talk about football and girls with big butt.

You don’t get to be one of those oblivious super cutey couples everyone secretly hates.

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The thing about finding yourself, is that it comes with a lot of adventures, you’re basically living your life to the fullest. You can go on dates and you can hook up with a super-hot dumb guy and enjoy it for what it is.You can make out with anyone you want. Any time you want. You have no restrictions what so ever, nobody telling you what not to wear out. And the best part you never worry that you’re settling.

Knowing Beyoncé wrote “Single Ladies” for you. The greatest present of all. You’re single now own it and rock your world….


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