Africa news- Drug Trade in Africa as 2.6 million euros worth of cocaine busted at Kenyan port


Drug trafficking poses as an enormous problem in Africa. The increasing rate of drug trade threatens the flow of good government and health, economic development, communal peace and security.

Also, Drug trafficking like every other transnational crime fosters Violence and corruption. Failure to address this issue will definitely lead to bigger complications sooner or later.


Since most of the cocaine is entering Africa through Guinea-Bissau and Ghana and is then smuggled to Europe by boat or commercial flights destined for France, the United Kingdom and Spain, the main entry point of cocaine into Europe, according to seizure data. Upon arrival, the cocaine is distributed currently and predominantly by East and West African criminal networks throughout Europe, therefore measures on combating drug trafficking is excelling in bits.


Kenyan police has seized a cocaine cargo worth more than 300 million shillings (€ 2.6 million) on Friday at the port of Mombasa in the southeast of the country.

The cargo ship which arrived from Brazil and according to the manifest, was heading to Uganda, carried sugar cane.

“Our officers have received information about four suspicious containers. They were isolated for verification and we found the cocaine hidden in a container,” the police chief of the region, Francis Wanjohi said.

Kenyan police were alerted by Interpol, according to some sources. The search continued in other containers which were seized for inspection on Wednesday morning.

East Africa has become a preferred route for drug traffickers offering a much safer transportation of drugs from Asia and South America to other African regions.

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