Florida Shooters Kill Teens at Club Blu


Two people were killed and about 16 others injured in a shooting outside of a Florida nightclub early Monday.

According to Club Blu Manager, some teenagers was reportedly hosting a party. Then the shooting happened as the party ended and parents arrived to pick up their children. Two teens got killed and are identified as 18-year-old Ste’fan Strawder, a leading local high school basketball player and 14-year-old Sean Archilles.

Although the Police have arrested three people but its said that the incident was “not an act of terror”.
The father of one of the deceased Jean Archilles, Sean’s father, said his son loved football and basketball. A very lively person who liked to make people laugh. He’s a funny kid. He’s always joking.” He said in tears

The victims of the attack were between 12 and 27 years old. A hospital spokeswoman said four people remained in hospital with serious injuries. Police are still investigating the motive behind the attack.
Another parent, Syreeta Gary, whose daughter was at the club, said “I just thank God that my daughter is OK because she could have been shot,” adding that, at one point, her daughter was “dodging bullets and running dropping between cars”.
“It’s ridiculous that these kids have to go through this, they can’t enjoy themselves because you have other people there who have criminalistic minds – they just want to terrorise things. I’m just glad she’s OK.”

The Lee Memorial hospital, which is treating 16 of the victims, says that the youngest person is just 12 years old, while the oldest is 27. Also shots were also fired at a nearby home and a vehicle, where one person suffered a minor injury.

Florida Governor Rick Scott released a statement saying: “I have cancelled my events today to meet with law enforcement and local officials in Fort Myers. While we are still learning the details about what happened this morning, we know that some of the victims of this terrible incident were children. We will continue to pray for the victims and their families.”

This is coming 6 weeks after a shooting at a gay club in Orlando, Florida which claimed about 49 lives and left 53 others injured. It was recorded as the worst mass shooting in recent US history.

Source: BBC news

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