Men’s fashion: what is your style??

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There’s only a handful of guys out there that really pay close attention to fashion. Most guys have no idea how to be stylish and the rest don’t really care. Truth be told, some guys look great in almost anything without even trying to be fashionable, all they need to be is tall and buff (and even Kanye West’s clothing line will have nothing on them).

Well since not all guys are tall and buff, you might want take a look at these pointers. Here are five styles that you can try or be inspired.

The oxford preppy look

Traditionally the terms “prep,” “preppy,” “prepster” or any other variation was historically used to describe a subculture of upper class youth born into old money. It’s also usually associated with students who attended  ivy league colleges. But today is a type of fashion that mainly consist of  sweaters with shirts, chinos or jumpy plain pants, oxford shoes and with an air of importance. The look has a nerdy vibe to it, but we all know nerdy can be sexy.



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The traditional outfit style

There are some guys that just live to slay on trads, whether it’s yoruba, Igbo, Hausa or any other traditionally attire (doesn’t even matter if it’s not your culture) just kill the look. Some people even go further to recreate trad styles with normal materials. With the trad look you can never go wrong ( except of cause you work in an office and have to be formal).

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The daring look

Enough said, most guys don’t really take fashion seriously, but then the ones that do, really go all the way. I’m talking wearing really short shorts, bold colors, sandals(gladiator), hats etc. They’re the really brave ones ( special shout out to them) and they  always slay in them. But this look is not really for beginners, you might want to pace yourself.

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The vintage lovers

You know how old school look is a thing now in girl’s fashion, well same applies to guys, except only the really brave ones can pull them off.

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Men in suits.

We all love a man in uniform, and suits and uniforms are not that far apart. Suits are a very common look for guys, but not everyone can pull off that “men in black” look we all look forward to. The trick is finding your perfect size and you’ll rock the look, doesn’t matter if you’re not as buff as the p-square, you’ll still look dashing in your own way. Colored suits are even more exciting.


Jeans and tee’s

This is one of the easiest look any guy can pull off. Just throw on a jean and a t-shirt and you’re good to go. But if you’re the type that needs a little extra touch to shine, here are some tips: white tee’s and a ripped jean will always look good, throw on a baseball cap to add a little spice. Sneakers, loafers, oxfords are always a good match with jeans and tee’s.


for guys on the skinny size, an over-sized tee’s and skinny jeans will also work ( i mean if Wiz Khalifa can do it then say no more)


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