Buhari Spends 2billion to Celebrate his Childrens Graduation Ceremony As Nigerians Starve


The graduation celebration of President Buhari’s three children who just graduated from foreign university was celebrated in a grand style.
According to reports, an estimated amount of over two billion naira (N2 Billion) was spent as a ways to show his fatherly care and love.

An honourable member of the House of Representatives from Lagos State, name withheld, said the president was not in any form living by example. Stating that various critics have outlandish and described this as wasteful and a outrageous spending on mere graduation. He added that Buhari is not considering the future of the All Progressive Congress (APC) once he finishes his tenure.

“To be candid, APC is losing it gradually,and if care is not taken, we may likely lose the incumbency to the opposition comes 2019. We voted for him and now he has turned to a complete dictator and those of us closer to the leadership of the party have been working on him but he has been proving to be rigid and unbendable when it comes to issues that affect his kinsmen,mostly the Fulani herdsmen which have been killing our people in the South West, South East and South South”.He said

The President has also given out immediate appointment to the fresh graduates among which a new wig has been attached to the office of the Attorney General of the Federation. As the other two have been fixed up in the presidency and to embark on 6 months training any moment from now as a prerequisite to the offer of the employment.

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