Nollywood Actress Converts to Islam Overnight


Lola Alao, Nollywood actress, has reportedly adopted the name Rhodiat following her conversion to Islam.
The announcement was made by a Facebook user, Adepoju Yusuf, who claims to be her teacher.

In 2013, Alao got married to Wale Ajibola, her second husband, in the United States after her marriage to Dare Ogunlana hit the rocks in 2008.

“Glory be to Allah. Join me in congratulating Lola Alao (a popular Nollywood actress). She just took the Kalimatu Shaa’dah from me, and chose the name Rhodiat. May Allah give her proper understanding of Islam, and make her, well grounded in her new faith, Al-Islam. Aamiyn”, Yusuf wrote.

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