“NIMASA Office is Worse Than Kirikiri Prison”- Ameachi


The Minister of Transportation, Rotimi Amaechi, states that the Nigeria Maritime and Security Agency (NIMASA) will be audited very soon because he has know Idea of what the agency does.

This plan was disclosed on Monday in Abuja while receiving the ministerial committee on NIMASA for restructuring and effective performance led Dakuku Peterside, its director general.

“Let me thank the committee; it’s almost two months since you were inaugurated,and also thank those of you in the private sector, for those of you who took your time, your energy, I must thank you in the manner that would show the appreciation of the Federal Government and the Ministry of Transportation for accepting to serve”. He said

The reasons for setting up this committee was my last visit to NIMASA. As I got answers to questions by staff who made me realise they need restructuring.

On my arrival, I asked a question, what does NIMASA do? Because they had what they call ‘Search and Rescue Centre’, they also had what they call ‘Search and Rescue Clinic’.

“If you go there, you will be shocked. I asked the lady doctor who was there, I said if she works here. She said yes, and I asked again, do you like this place? She said no. Now, all the billions we hear, maybe its right, maybe its wrong, that’s what I need to know when the auditor goes round.

“We are in the process of appointing an auditor to audit NIMASA, NPA. Maybe when the auditor goes round and comes back, the responsibility of the matter will be clearer.”

The minister said NIMASA office itself is almost as bad as Kirikiri prisons, emphasizing the need for change and restructuring at the agency. So the essence of setting up this committee was to know what NIMASA was all about. It is not to witch-hunt anybody. We should ask ourselves the question, has NIMASA at any point in time discharged its responsibility beyond collection of revenue? And all those revenue that NIMASA has collected where are they? What did they do with the revenue?“If you go to their office near Kirikiri, that’s worse. It was actually as if you are in Kirikiri itself. They had a resource centre and there was nothing there, they had a poor library and I said to myself what is NIMASA actually all about?

“Ordinarily, my usual reaction was to go and implement the report but I want to study it myself to know what actually NIMASA is all about, then I can call a management meeting of the Ministry of Transportation so we can take a decision so that the Director General of NIMASA will go and implement.”

Peterside explained that the committee met 18 times and had comparative analyses to meet up with world best practices.

We had discussions with those who work in NIMASA in Singapore, Malaysia,Malta, Liberia and in several other maritime administration. After this diligent work we came to the conclusion that in your humble determination to bring about change in NIMASA, a few necessary changes must be made; those changes are inevitable.

“The committee you inaugurated sub-divided itself into three focus areas. First is governance structure for NIMASA, the other one is the issue of image and perception, the third one is the core functions of NIMASA viz a viz manpower and staffing inadequacies.

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