Relationship: Sign’s to Know It’s Time To Move On


“what the hell was I thinking!!”…..These is what goes through once mind when he/she feels suffocated in a relationship.
Check out some signs to show you are in the wrong relationship

1. You Feel like you are not your Self.
Do you feel like you have to wear a mask when your with them,like you can’t be your self…Relationships should be fun!… Not an Obligation

2. They are only caring when People are watching.
They act like you are their ‘everything’ only when there are eyes watching…. They hold your hands,kiss you because he/she want people around to be impressed.. But when you are alone, n when all those gestures should matter more, he/she doesn’t ‘give you face’

3.He/she Thinks the world revolves around them
If it seems your partner is more interested in how you fit in their world than how they than how they are with your individual needs then you might be dating the wrong person…. He/she expects you to compromise your values to please them but never goes out of their way to satisfy you …

4. They don’t Listen to you
He/she never listens to you… Whenever you say something they act like its nothing or irrelevant…

5. The se.x is Bad or lacks connection
You know there’s a huge difference between Having sex n making love… If you can’t feel the connection when your having se.x…somethings wrong…

6.You feel you are not Good enough.
It can only happen if you are dating tat person only because of what he/she has not who he/she is…8. You cannot imagine your self married to the person
When ever you think about spending the rest of your life with tat person you immediately get paranoid…the very idea grosses you out!

7.There’s no spark in the relationship
No feeling of blood rush when you see tat person….. No stolen moments…then you shouldnt even be on speaking terms with him/her

8. You cannot have a simple conversation with them You can’t say something without it resulting into a heated argument… Something is wrong oo6. Hanging out with then is stressful
If spending time with your patner exhausts you,you might be with the wrong person….

Every relationship has tat time when you need to take a break from eachother but it should be an exception not the Norm….

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