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The saying “what goes around comes around” may be intended to describe karma but it also works perfectly to describe the cycle of fashion. Trends and styles that were once considered modern and daring eventually become old and ugly, only to be reborn and re-worn decades later. And that cycle seems to be turning quicker than ever. Less than 20 years later, fashion that was considered cool in the 90s is cool once again. Whether it’s on the catwalk, on the street or in the stores, 90s trends are appearing everywhere. So embrace those crop tops, chokers, off shoulder tops and mom jeans.

We’ll show you the key pieces you need to embrace the nineties fashion.

The High-Waisted mom jean

“High waisted” anything is definitely coined from the 90’s fashion but the mom jean esp. Whether you like it or not, the high-waisted mom jean is the denim silhouette made famous in the 90’s and even more covetable among fashion influencers of today. This vintage version goes well with oversize shirts, cropped tops and boots.

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The choker

The choker is as much a 2016 trend as it was in 1996. It works best when the rest of your look is simple: think a white crew neck T-shirt and jeans or a black dress. Extra props if  you go for one in a colored crushed velvet or if you layer up with other chains.


Washed Denim jackets

We already know that jeans are not going anywhere, a faded denim jacket is definitely not exclusive to the 90’s. The overly huge ones would look good over a slip dress or worn with a pair of skinnies.


The plaid shirt and Band T-shirt

You can’t completely do a 90’s look with a good old plaid shirt over a band t-shirt (whether you’re in the band or not).


The Goth makeup

Yup the dark look everyone is spotting right now, was once a 90’s fashion..


Dr. Martens

Dr Martens have been the shoe of choice for 90’s style icons including Gwen Stefani… These days they’ve been modernized by models-off-duty who incorporate the lug-soled boots into looks that often include ripped jeans and leather jackets. We are fans.


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