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It’s absolutely fine if you prefer never to wear makeup or blow out your hair — and it’s also fine if you love getting glammed up more often than not. But let’s say you’re more in the low-maintenance camp: Once in awhile, you might want to put on some foundation and lipstick, and not be completely freaked out by the prospect. You don’t need to possess the skill set of a full-blown makeup artist or hairstylist, but it’s helpful to know a few basic beauty things. Here are 5 things that make getting ready a whole hell of a lot easier:

1. Have a signature makeup look. You know what will get you ready faster than the time it takes for Kylie’s lip kits sell out? Knowing your makeup look and not having to mull over what you’re going to do your eyes, lips, cheeks, etc. Really, all you need is just one look that gets you feeling on point, whether that’s a mascara/blush/lip balm combo, a smoky eye, a cat-eye, or flawless skin. Not sure how to apply makeup in general? I’s OK. There’s a tutorial for everything, including how to contour your abs. Random, I know. Anyway, finding a signature look will get you out the door before your roommate annoyingly asks you where you’re going.

2. Know how to execute a five-minute face. Say your best friend calls you up and invites you out. Sure, you can maybe throw together an outfit in time, but what about your makeup? Are you going to turn down a spontaneous night out because it takes you 45 for that makeup beat? Nope. Take the time now to nail down what products you absolutely need to use to be drinks-ready.

Here’s what I use for my five-minute face: First, I apply a medium coverage foundation all over , followed by blush, then I curl my lashes and apply mascara, and the lip balm, a pinky-nude lipstick, or a red or burgundy lip color, depending on how I’m feeling. Boom: Ready in five. Otherwise your friends/BF will be waiting on you like…


3. Master a red lip. Listen, I know that bolder lip colors are intimidating to wear — and even more debilitating to apply. But not only is wearing a red lip a power move, it instantly makes you look like you spent way more time getting ready than you actually did.

4. Shape your own brows. If you’re unsure of how to amp up your arches, make an appointment with a brow specialist, like an expert at the Benefit Brow Bar, or read this to help teach you how to take full advantage of the face-framing hairs that reside above your eyes. Once you learn how to fill them in like a pro, you can take the reins and accentuate your arches super-fast on a daily basis. Before you know it, you’ll be swiping a taupe-colored eye shadow over your arches or creating tiny hairs with a pencil fast AF, which will (1) make you feel so accomplished and (2) get you out the door with brows on fleek.

5. Master at least two hairstyles. I never have time to get my hair done and you probably don’t either. That’s why making it a priority to lock down a few go-to styles to look your best at all times is helpful. For example, I figured out how to recreate an I-just-woke-up-like-this texture for when I don’t really want to do my hair, a slicked-back look that can be dressed up or down, a high ponytail and top knot (these come in handy for working out or running around on the weekends), a messy French twist, and a few braids so I can switch up my look. Plus, doing your own hair is empowering — especially when your style comes out looking Instagram-worthy and people compliment you on it, which makes you feel good.

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