How Beastly Was The Bangladesh Attack?


Violence spiked in Bangladesh as Gunmen shouting “Allahu Akbra” stormed the popular Holey Artisan Bakery in Gulson district on Saturday during the Ramadan holy month killing 20 foreigners, police officers and security men as well as taking some others hostage most of them being foreigners.


Sharp weapon were used to kill the victims with local media also reporting that some were beheaded. Among those killed were 3 students with ties to American colleges: Emory university in Georgia and the University of California ml Berkeley and 19 year old Tarushi Jan of India who was in Bangladesh for an internship at the Eastern Bank Limited.

The state department said a US citizen was among the murdered although his identity has not been fully traced. 9 Italian as well as 6 Japanese lost their lives to this unthinkable brutality.

Some others were taken captives, 13 people have been rescued by the Paramilitary forces who killed some of the attackers as Brigadier General Nayem Chowdhury told Al- Jezera reporters.

Sadly, four security personnel and some police officers including the Assistant Commissioner of Police was killed in the process. So many others were wounded and are in critical condition currently.

The attackers were described as “heavily armed and equipped” and “tactically sound” as well.

A police officer at the scene said security forces tried to enter the premises at the beginning of the siege but met with a hail of ranging bullets and grenades as the media showed a number of them being led away from the science with blood strains spattered on their faces and clothes.

The Gunmen sent photos of the action progressively to the ISIL also known as ISIS and Al-Queda and the ISIS has claimed responsibility for the killings according to terror research firms Flashpoint Intelligence and Site Intelligence Group. But the Government had denied the ISIS involvement, but are pointing accusing fingers to Local terrorist groups.

“The ISIS could have no connection or presence in Bangladesh and if they did, then this is probably their opportunity” Talha Ahmed, a commentator on Bangladeshi affairs told newsmen.

“These Innocent lives were taken away by cruel and inhumane act of terrorism, we cannot feel stronger of indignation, whatever the reason, terrorism cannot be forgiven and we firmly denounce it” says Toshihidu Suga, Japan’s Chief Cabinet Secretary.

Bangladesh  has  declared 2 days  national mourning for the victims.

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